New technologies, new opportunities to connect

cloud video conferencing

In the midst of a pandemic characterized by uncertainty, businesses are having to evolve how they deliver their services.

And while some are scrambling to adapt to the “new normal,” the team at Hausch & Company’s nationwide service locations has been able to stay ahead thanks to the early adoption of virtual office technologies.

“For us, new technologies mean new opportunities to connect with our people internally, as well as connect us with our clients,” said David Hausch, President.

Looking forward

In 2007, at a time when some businesses were hesitant to migrate to a cloud-based platform, Hausch & Company fully embraced the technology.

Microsoft introduced Office 365 in 2011 as a new subscription model, “and we were on it within three months of it being available,” Hausch said.

When Microsoft Teams was added to Office 365’s suite of services, Hausch & Company swiftly implemented the chat-based digital workspace. With it, colleagues can work together in collaboration, irrespective of whether they are in the same office, working from home or traveling around the world.

That’s important because, aside from being a leading provider of property and casualty loss adjusting and claims management services in North America, Hausch & Company prides itself on being a relationship-based company.

And deploying Microsoft Teams has helped foster continued collaboration without missing a beat.

“The relationship aspect is something that always was so important and is still so important to us,” Hausch said. “And there are ways to maintain it.”

Embracing disruption

With technology progressing at a record pace, companies are regularly facing business disruption. Surviving it means continuing to stay on the forefront of emerging technology by adopting programs that support future capabilities.

“Disruption is a time to innovate and implement,” Hausch said.

For Hausch & Company, those innovations include the introduction of remote inspections, advanced mapping of loss events, and advanced analytics using AWS servers.

Additionally, while many businesses around the country are currently unable to meet business clients in-person over meals, at meetings, and national conferences, the Hausch & Company team is still finding ways to connect in the time of COVID-19.

“The same interaction you had with your service provider before is happening now,” Hausch said. “We’re still reaching out to set up meetings just like we would previously in person. So don’t hesitate to reach out. Plan on us being available. We welcome it.”

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