Happy Holidays

It has been a busy year for us here at Hausch & Company as it has been for the insurance industry as a whole. As 2017 comes to a close, we are reflecting on the positives and the collaborative moments which make us ­­­­­­­­­­­proud of all we have accomplished this year. 

One of the best parts of the holiday season is being able to take the time to thank everyone who has supported us throughout the past year. To our clients, we would like to thank you for your continued business as we strive every day to provide the best service to you and to be an integral part of your claims solution. And to our employees, it is because of you and your commitment to excellence that we are in the position of being a leader in the industry, and we truly appreciate all your efforts and hard work over the years.  

With the new year right around the corner, Hausch & Company is ready and eager to see it come as we will be entering our 70th year in business. Stay tuned for more details on this significant milestone for Hausch & Company. 

In the meantime, speaking of the new year…

One of the top New Year’s resolutions that people make year after year is to learn something new. We thought we would give you a head start on that resolution with some little-known facts about the holidays.

  1. The famous Santa Tracker was created from a misprint in the newspaper. A 1955 Sears ad was supposed to print the phone number of a store where children could call to tell Santa what they wanted for Christmas. The number that was actually printed was to the hotline of the Director of Operations for the U.S. Continental Air Defense. The colonel ordered his staff to give the children updates on the flight coordinates of Santa. The NORAD (North American Aerospace Defense Command) still continues to this day to provide flight updates on local news, the internet, and on a special iPhone app every Christmas. (History.com)
  2. Coca-Cola is responsible for Santa’s red suit. Santa Claus has been seen in many colored suits over the years, but legend has it that the most popular image of his red coat came from an ad for Coca Cola in the 1930’s which prominently featured Santa in his red coat. (Coca-ColaCompany.com)
  3. Rudolph was almost named Reginald. In 1939, a copywriter invented the different reindeer as a marketing gimmick for Montgomery Ward’s holiday coloring books. The copywriter, named Robert L. May, considered naming the red-nosed reindeer Reginald or Rollo but eventually settled on Rudolph.(Smithsonian Institute)
  4. The beloved Christmas song Jingle Bells was the first song ever to be broadcast from space. On December 16, 1965, the Gemini 6 crew serenaded Mission Control with Jingle Bells after they reported seeing a “red-suited” astronaut. (History.com)
  5. The Statue of Liberty is the biggest Christmas gift in the world. The Statue of Liberty was gifted to the U.S. by the French on Christmas day in 1886. It weighs 225 tons which technically makes it the biggest Christmas gift in the world! (National Park Service: gov)

Happy Holidays from Hausch & Company. We wish you and your families a safe, healthy, and happy holiday season. Thank you for a great 2017 and we look forward to working with you all again in 2018!

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