2015 Peak Fall Colors – Time for a Road Trip!

The Farmer’s Almanac is reporting that this season’s fall foliage may be one of the most colorful on record. Below we’ve mapped out the peak fall color show from coast-to-coast and have highlighted a few destinations that may be worth taking a road trip to capture the colorful view. The highlighted destinations include: Rangeley Lakes […]

Severe Storms with Softball Size Hail Just South of Hausch & Company

During the late afternoon and early evening yesterday (June 10, 2015), multiple storms produced large hail and very heavy rainfall along the I-80 corridor, including across the far southern and southwestern Chicago metro area. This severe storm was really close to home for Hausch & Company — occurring south of our company headquarters, less than 50 […]

Measuring the Storm with NOAA’s SPC Map Tool

When destructive storms occur, understanding the extent of the damage and where it occurred can help expedite the resolution of claims following a storm. The NOAA Storm Prediction Center / Storm Reports details tornado, hail and wind storms on Google maps—pinpointing the exact location and time of recorded events. This tool is free and provides […]

The Dangers of Flooded Roadways

April showers bring… May flowers flooded roadways? When thinking about spring flooding, the usual thought is basements full of water, but many people underestimate the dangers of flooded roads during and after these storms. The most dangerous place to be during a flood is in a vehicle. According to the National Weather Service, a mere […]

Why It’s Important to Catalog Your Home Contents

Do you know how many belongings you have and how much all of them are worth? No one wants to think about bad things happening to your home. But, if disaster strikes due to a fire, theft, or weather related incident, will you know how much it would cost to replace everything you own? Having an accurate inventory […]

Keep Your Home Protected While on Vacation

There is never a convenient time for something to go wrong with your home, but having something happen while on vacation is arguably the worst timing possible. With spring break approaching, the following precautions may help ensure a more relaxing vacation. Time up your lights: A dark house for a few days straight is a signal […]

Laundry Room Safety Tips

The laundry room can be one of the biggest danger zones in your home. The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) reports that over 10,000 home fires originate in the laundry room each year causing around $294 million in property damage. While this statistic is alarming, the laundry still needs to get done. With the following safety […]

Introducing PhotoOP Task Bundler

  Introducing the PhotoOP Task Bundler App from Hausch & Company! Hausch & Company is pleased to announce the launch of our new app PhotoOP Task Bundler, available now in the Apple App Store. This new app allows users to bundle multiple photos into one attachment, label and diagram photos directly on your phone, build […]

Help Avoid the Winter Blues by Staying Active

With the freezing temperatures still upon us, the urge to hibernate is at an all time high. Staying active during the winter months is a great way to keep your energy levels up during these dreary days and a perfect way to pass the time until the sun makes an appearance again. Bundle up and […]

Winter Driving Survival Kit

We’ve all heard the expression that preparation is key, and with the blizzard that hit the Midwest yesterday we’re reminded how this is true when it comes to driving in the winter. Whether you are going on a weekend road trip or just across town to a friend’s house, every driver should be prepared by […]